3 Best Marijuana Trimmers

Choosing the best marijuana trimming machine is a tough decision to make. After three long months of waiting, you can finally smell the plants. And it only means one thing: Harvest Time. You want to make sure that all your hard work is not wasted. And more so if you only grow several plants. You can always use trimmer shears and your two hands to do the trimming, but a good trimming machine does the job better and faster.

However, no two machines are equal in performance and delivering results. Some are designed by engineers alone, while others are designed by both engineers and growers. Although the quality of the yield rests on the grower’s skills, the kind of Marijuana trimming machine you use can either keep the yield and potency of the flowers or destroy it. The flavor is also affected by the quality of the trimming done.

Some growers say marijuana trimming machines are bad for the flower. That buds are repeatedly scraped by these devices. That machines are tumbling the buds too much. And that the yield, potency, and flavor are dramatically decreased in the process. It may be true five years ago, but the industry of recreational and medical marijuana has significantly grown. Likewise, the growth gave rise to the creation of well-designed marijuana trimming machines, which have resulted to a faster but careful method of trimming the buds.

Here are the 3 Best Marijuana Trimming Machines in the market:

1) Clean Cut Leaf Trimmer M-6000S

This 16-inched bowl hasten trimming almost 5-times faster than trimming with your hands. The machine diameter is big enough to handle a larger number of plants in one go. This trimming machine comes with two blades. The first is the razor type, and the second one is the serrated type. It is recommended to use the razor-type blade to trim the wet buds, and the serrated blade to trim the dry ones.

2) G-LEAF 16-Inch Bowl Leaf Trimer

This trimmer works the same with first one. The G-LEAF trimmer has a transparent top, allowing you to watch inside while you work. The machine’s diameter is 16 inches, big enough to work on more plants all at once. There are also two blades: A straight razor and a serrated blade. It’s fast and precisely trim the buds.

3) Trimpro ORIGINAL Leaf Bud Plant Trimmer Trim Pro

This is a beast among the marijuana trimming machines. Trimpro Original trimmer gets the job done faster and more precise. The process of trimming doesn’t involve much of work. Just put the leaves and the machine will do the rest. The buds should be left to dry after the process. The machine is expensive but it surely is a good investment if you have a large harvest.

There are still existing debates about the best trimming practices which affect the yield, flavor and potency of the plant. Growers and processers are still not sure whether having wet buds are better to trim than the dry ones. But one thing is sure. Marijuana trimming machines have revolutionized the processing of Cannabis, while keeping the quality of yield, flavor and potency.