Shearline Marijuana Trimmer Review

If you’re looking for marijuana trimmer, there are many options on the market. You can go with hand or machine trimmer options. It’s all a matter of preference really but if you’re looking to handle a lot of buds, there are many machines but very few are like the Shearline. Ryan Hall was the original inventor for these automated trimming machines. He worked tirelessly to find a way to find a machine that could last aside from being easy to work with.

Many revisions and machines have come out since then until the rebranding of the original Centurion. The Shearline comes in two models, the original and 2.0. Both machines have been brought up to the highest attention to detail. The machines with their new designs have great improvements. For example, the blades are held in place by magnets. With blades that are tougher than the ones on your standard lawn mower but still easy to take off and clean them in less than five minutes.

Most of the other machines have this buildup of resin that comes from handling too many buds over the course of time. The heat and the friction causes the resin to build up and totally ruining your blades. The Shearline machines are built to eliminate this issue altogether. Critical maintenance that will keep your machines running for a very long time. Another advantage these machines have is their patented drive machine. Thanks to the style of the drum, these trimmers have a really fast and gentle way to remove all the excess leafs from your bugs. Old machines had two motors and way too many parts that were needed to operate. The current machine only has one motor.

Think about the advantages, one more is way less parts needed along with reducing the chances of something breaking or wearing down too quickly. Your two options are the original, which is made for large scale operations. When you combine the operator with the hand controlled feeder, you only need one person to work with it. It’ll make your buds come out from all your machines quickly.The Shearline 2.0 model is more compact and it’s meant for those who grow their marijuana on a small scale. Especially with few people on your work site. This machine will fit your needs and the design is sure to please everyone involved. It’s easy to maintain and you only need to halt your production every two hours to ensure proper cleaning.

With the blades coming off thanks to their magnetic hold, you should be back in working order in no time. Both machines are well built to suit whatever growing operation you have on hand. Considering their easy maintenance, these machines will fit well into your production line, no matter how big or small your trimming needs are. While stopping every two hours may seem like a drawback, it’s a huge advantage. The blades are tough, built to last and you can clean the underside quickly. Just take a break every two hours to ensure that your machine is always in tip top shape to make the most out of your buds.

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